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100 km. per hour !

June 19th2023


Since covid 19 we have been keeping pretty much at home except for doctor and dentist appointments.  We are very lucky that we can both still drive and so grocery shopping and a trip in our big Buick once a week to church is still a part of our routine. The next owner of our big red beast will be very fortunate to have a used car driven by an old couple that only drove it to church once a week.  We are getting out more but in our second car, a Smart car. It runs forever on a tank of gas and to be honest, I love it even though it consumes #91 premium gas. So, we do get out more now into wine and fruit country and the rolling landscape of the Niagara Escarpment. What a beautiful part of our country we have chosen for our senior years.  

There are few things left on my latest Bucket list, I have had several over the past 60 years since my release from the hospital following a severe car accident in 1963. I am a very lucky guy as I have done almost everything in this life that I had on my lists. Old age has restricted me from doing many things I found pleasurable when I was younger. I was a sailor and a power boater, a golfer, I found most physical jobs pleasurable and now all of these activities are impossible plus many more. I am still cooking some meals and I love to drive and I am still able. I am thankful for that. Seniors should keep their wheels for as long as possible as it gives them a sense of worth and independence.

I am not sure I ever want to venture out on the QEW again, especially when all the idiots are out. Where are the police? We were on this highway at dusk on a Saturday night and were amazed that we didn’t witness at least one major pile up. I have been driving for over 70 years and have put hundreds of thousands of miles on many cars and trucks. I have witnessed and been involved in numerous accidents; I have driven in every kind of situation imaginable but never have I seen such total disregard for decent and safe driving as this past week-end. We need far more police presence on our 400 highways as well as auto ticket machines. All throughout the Niagara peninsula we are getting auto speed sensors that automatically charge and send speed offenders a ticket. In a period of half an hour, I witnessed at least a dozen traffic violations and everyone was speeding over the limits,


Paul D. Scott

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