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Insanity Rules in Ottawa


A publication I subscribe to on line is called “The Niagara Independent”. It is reporting on the C28 conference in Dubei. Our government is proceeding with plans to further the cap on the oil industry by reducing emissions by 2030 another 35-38% below 2019 levels. Trudeau’s Energy Minister, Steven Guilbeault who must be insane, is concerned as to how he is going to achieve this. He claims there is no precedent for Canada’s intent to take its people into the Dark Ages. It’s hard to believe Canada has reached a plateau of total incompetence but we can take pride in the fact we have achieved something no other country has done yet. - Cave making instructions and picks and shovels are available at your local hardware store.  Remember Steven Guilbeault? He climbed the CN Tower, on the outside, to make a statement. Something similar for recognition as our PM in black face and Indian costumes. What horrible representation we Canadians have in the World.

Our local TorStar newspaper in their Comment column is blaming Non Vaxers for Climate change. We should have never closed the hospital in Orillia when opened in the 1800’s.  It was originally called The Hospital for Idiots. When closed a few years ago, it had a more civilized name, The Huronia Hospital for the Mentally Challenged. It is a huge facility that is sitting virtually empty, perfect for our leaders that would have us injecting ourselves with an unknown, and using fear and control in the guise of Climate Change.  l feel they should be institutionalized. A nineteenth century institution for idiots seems appropriate.

If our politicians would only read and comprehend their own government statistics, they would see how ridiculous they are. We are already on the path to net zero. Producers in Alberta are ahead of their forecast in reducing Methane by 46% since 2014. According to the International Energy Agency the world energy requirements by oil and gas will be 46% in 2050 as opposed to 51% in 2022. The World will still be in need of petroleum and we will be trying to find enough power to charge our battery cars.

I am not sure how long we have and if there is time to change our ways. Today, the Canadian Dollar is doing what has been prophesied, losing its value. The next will be the US dollar until it is worth 0 predicted by some pundits.  Will gold and silver be our saving grace or will a new currency replace our savings and be controlled by a corrupt entity? I am an Opinion Writer and not a prophet or a predictor.  So as noted in the title of my last book, “Time will Tell”


Paul D. Scott                             

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