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Sudden Death

Jan 16th 2023


ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND NINTY-SIX PERCENT is the increase percentage, yes 1,696% increase in sudden deaths is the figure given in a recent study of people dying in the past two years since covid vaccines were introduced. If this is true, it does kind of explain the huge number of deaths I see in my local newspaper reporting “died suddenly”.  My city has a population of just over 50,000 and our local newspaper is supported financially in large part by the obituary section that is often three pages. Most of these sudden deaths are male and between 40 and 70 years old. I have noted some in their 20’s and very few over 70 years old. However, my brother, a young 80 years died suddenly probably from the vaccine as he was a true believer, the more the better. His sudden death came as a shock to all who knew him as his last hospital stay was the time he was born.

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world’s best known cardiac surgeons tells a sober story that with some {ifs} to be established, covid vaccines could be the answer to many questions for the huge upsurge of sudden deaths in young people who would seem to be in good health. Lamar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills football team has brought the true question to light by asking, could the vaccine have anything to do with the large number of athletes collapsing and even dying on the playing fields of the world? Up until Dr. McCullough asked the question on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox, many were thinking but few had the courage to ask the question. Silence says volumes in a case like this, Hamlin’s parents are silent, the NFL are silent, the doctors treating Hamlin are silent, no one is telling us, did Hamlin have the vaccine, or not?  We need answers to be able to continue trying to stop this assault on our young people. It would seem that silence is an admission that something is terribly wrong. Fortunately, the doctors are positive that Hamlin will recover and that is good news, perhaps in a few days or weeks he will be able to express his story and clear up many questions. As the football players were mandated to take the vaccines by the NFL it is likely Hamlin has had it but no one knows for sure. It goes without saying that this could cost a huge number of institutions that mandated the vaccine their very existence as well as governments that even to this date are saying the vaccine are safe and should be taken.

Myocarditis is when the heart is bruised or scared, studies have concluded that the vaccine does have a negative effect on the heart and that the spike protein is also circulating in the body long after it is injected.  Both are bad omens for the human body that by now has also had damage done to the immune system. Records coming out of Europe are noting that over 400 athletes have had cardiac arrests on the field and many have died. Dr. McCullough continued by saying that our adrenalin has surges and most often about 6:00 Am when many of us are still sleeping. If the heart has been damaged, this could explain sudden deaths during the night.

Vaccines are suspect also because they are not produced by the pharmaceutical company but by outside packagers.  Japan has been very outspoken about the irregularities of the vaccines and the quality. They have tested regularly and have rejected million of vials. We in North America are taking the vaccine untested and are receiving infected sludge in many cases.

We as a society are starting to see the light. Only about 10% of senior homes staff have taken the boosters and so many of my friends and family that volunteered or were mandated to take the sludge are not going to take any more, vax or booster. I have had more than one experience with young people that have bragged about having all their shots and only got covid twice. When I told a pretty little server at a local restaurant that I have not had even one shot and also have avoided coved, it was as if I turned a light bulb on in her brain.  She exclaimed, I had two shots and have had covid twice. She had to take some time to let that sink in. A nurse at my dentist office claimed that she never got sick before she got the shot and since, she has never had so many days off with numerous illnesses.

Follow the money!  The U.S.  Government sent out secretly, if that much moola could be kept a secret $13,000.000 Billion to almost every major employer, government agencies, media, medical companies and their customers and even churches in bribes to spread the word that vaccines would not only cure the sick but stop the spread of covid. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine would do the same and at a fraction the price but there was none to be had in Canada and many places in the USA and nothing to gain when billions of vials of gunk could bring in hundreds of billions of the green stuff. The CDC are pimps for big Pharmacy and should be held responsible for thousands of lives and billion in losses.  Our governments federal and provincial right down to the municipalities,  are all in bed one way or another, whether through pay offs or bribes or the worst are mandates that have caused many thousand to lose their jobs. This has been the worst scam perpetrated against the people of the world and I fear that it is too big to be adequately punished. Many have suffered greatly and many more are facing an unknown future.  May God forgive us.


Paul D. Scott.

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