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Deeper Thoughts


November 2016


The US elections are over and what a relief. Americans seem to never be free of politicians from one sector or another campaigning and asking for donations to support their never ending hunger for support. From the beginning almost a year ago, I have favoured Donald Trump when he threw his hat in the ring against the want to be candidate for president for 20 years, “Hillary Clinton”. It seemed like  Mr. Trump had no support from any  Quarter but rarely does a party carry into a third term, and Obama’s record was so abysmal and Clinton had so much baggage, perhaps he just might stand a small chance of winning.  Being a conservative in Canada, my candidates rarely ever won and so when asked by a staunch Liberal Democrat friend from Florida, I went out on a limb and bet on the underdog. My only defense for supporting Trump was that he was a multi Billionaire and could pay his own expenses and thus would not be beholden to any financial donors. We all know what a ride it was to the finish line.  Many times I was sure that the USA would be doomed under a third Democratic win but our man survived in spite of the media, false accusations, falling support from his own party and polls that never had him ahead and his own stupid rhetoric that would have put any other candidate in the tank and forced to withdraw.  Not our Donald! He forged ahead steadfast to the end and prevailed.

This is a man with firm convictions and right or wrong he will hold to his beliefs against all odds. Few of us have that character; we are influenced by many outside pressures and self doubts.  This brings me to the subject that I feel burdened with and like so many in the younger generation, just share all their thoughts with the world on Twitter or face book and others, I will share my observations through my web site.

My most private feelings and thoughts will still be mine and not to share but I want to open the “Pandora’s Box” a sliver to confess that even at my advanced years, I am changing and I hope to gain more knowledge as I approach my final hours on this earth.

For a long time now when observing and trying to analyze US politics, I have thought that a strong financial and politically driven force was behind the direction the United States was going.  Obama becoming president almost overnight, coming out of nowhere, made me wonder just how such a personality could step onto the political platform one day and be president and leader of the world the next. Some supreme power that was able to control the thoughts of a nation could do it. What is that power and how can an ordinary Joe like me gain more knowledge about such things? My skills on the computer were and are limited but I quickly learned that this tool was good not only to greatly assist me in the writing of my books but with some limited skills I could dig up all sorts of information on any subject. For some reason I became very interested in the old wealth of the world and where is most of the world’s wealth held - but in the hands of the Rothschild dynasty. Probably one half of the world’s total financial wealth is held or controlled by this family. It is estimated that they control between 400 to 500 Trillion dollars. Follow the money trail and see where it leads.

I think that most students of world affairs would agree that the USA has pretty much reached its pinnacle and like Great Britain and so many before must step aside for a new generation. If we look at the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders in the US election, an old man in his mid 70’s rallying a whole younger generation that would have taken the US down a socialist almost Communist road if elected, and Trump leading a whole different mindset down a right wing road, the elitists’ left wing Politically correct Progressives seem to be losing their position.  This is not the direction our moneyed friends have in mind. This will surely lead to some changes in our society as we know it. If the new president does not fall in line as many have in the past to the ways of the Oligarchs, he will be put out of power one way or another; some in the past have been assassinated. Some with inside information have said Trump will not reach the Presidency.  He surely is a threat to the establishment. Others with a great deal more knowledge of the scriptures say that we are living in the end times and the present Pope #113 will be the last. If this isn’t the time to take stock of your life and get right with your Maker, I don’t know when you think would be a good time. Jews are being persecuted which is normal but now Christians are as well.  The prophesies in the Bible all predict this to happen prior to the Rapture and the great 7 year persecution of all men left on earth.

The love of money they say is the root of all evil.  I had occasion many years ago when I was penniless and just starting a new job having been recently released from an extended stay in hospital following a serious auto accident, to draw up a want list for my future. We have a glamorous name for it to-day; we call it a Bucket List. (highly recommended). One of my 20 goals was to be in a position to live like a millionaire but not necessarily be one. A million dollars over 50 years ago was an enormous amount of money, and for many to-day, it still is. That goal in a few short years was attained but I have never had so much money that it was a burden, either to preserve or need to make it grow to two then three and more. For then it becomes a passion and an obsession. There will always be someone that has more than you.

George Soros had a few million and found that was not enough so went on to amass a fortune of an estimated $25 Billion dollars. Now that he has all this money he is happy to give it away, don’t be fooled when you hear he has given $25 Million to the Clinton foundation or a few millions to help feed the destitute in Haiti. Nothing this man does is without knowing that he stands to get back much more. For the few millions he has given to charity, he has negatively impacted the lives of millions. Malaysia and Thailand’s currencies have been devalued along with Russia.  He is behind civil unrest in many western countries; he has promoted one of the largest scams against mankind, climate change. He sets up dummy companies and nonprofit societies such as, Move On Dot org. to accomplish his efforts of world dominance.  In the USA Mr. Soros is orchestrating all his power and wealth to put Trump out of business. He is not alone in this effort but he seems to not care if the world knows his evil desires. Many others are on his team and with their Billions of dollars to accomplish this it would seem that the Puppeteer, The Rothschild’s (Anglo Dutch Consortium) will be pulling the strings of George Soros and friends until a greater power decides that enough is enough. We really need to be aware that all is not as it seems. There is very little to be believed when looking to the media and our leaders for the truth.

George Soros has sold his bank stocks at a loss and has invested heavily in Gold. Warren Buffet has sold off his energy stocks and invested heavily into Airlines. I got bananas to-day for .50 cents a Pound.

The world is totally out of control,  HELP!                  Paul D. Scott.


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