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A Nation of too many Laws

May 12th/22


To-days FP Comment by William Watson in the National Post was quite interesting as I have been a complainer for years that laws are necessary in a civilized world but only to the extent as to whether they can be enforced in a civil manner and in fact, the question asked, are many really necessary?

From the view point of the left, abortion laws are just fine, we really don’t have any. They don’t want to open a can of worms and allow even some laws on abortion to be enacted. Many Canadians are of the opinion that term limits should be put in the law books, and selected sex abortions should not be allowed, all women should be on board for this law. Some restrictions should be put in place in spite of the negative feedback that always comes from any restriction regarding abortion.

However, where a woman’s body is concerned, her decision regarding an abortion or not, she should be the only one in control, why does this not apply then to government mandates on covid vaccinations. Men, women and children electing to not get this controversial injection are forced to where there are no laws but just edicts?

Paul D. Scott      

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