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Ford Lowers Wait Time on MRI & CT scans

June 7th, 2024

Premier Ford declares he will be seeking applications from private providers to expand the number of clinics (private and public) doing MRI and CT scans. This of course upsets the NDP and the far-left Liberal party as being just another scheme to take Canadians out of public social medicine and into more free enterprise medicine, however, it would add another 100,000 scans per year to help relieve the pressure on the system and patients.

 It is estimated the wait time on CT scans is 81 days and MRI scans is 90 days. The new time, if employed for both will be only 28 days, still 21 days longer than any patient should have to wait for peace of mind.  However, I take issue with these present average wait times. Since my Cancer surgery almost six years ago when I was told that I would be dead in 6 months, I have had numerous CT scans. All have been a longer wait than 81 days.  My present wait for an MRI scan of my Pancreas is almost 20 months. From Jan. 2024 to July 2025. News just arrived that if I drive to Burlington, I can get my test Oct 2024, only a 10 month wait. Perhaps at 88 years old I will live long enough to meet that goal.

Worldly possessions and political theories are no match for peace of mind and good health.


Paul D. Scott.       

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