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Better Late than Never


Are you fed up with your government? Do you think your country could be better run? Does your political party or government have policies that match up with your core beliefs?  Does your federal government match up with moral laws that you can be proud of? Should we be importing oil from countries that would destroy us if they had their way when we have all the oil and gas we require within our own borders? Does our government have intelligent policies for our native people? Are we adequately protected by our police and military? Are we over governed with far more laws that can be enforced? Is our government over regulating Canadian industry with too many rules and regulations? Is it correct for a party leader to dictate members follow the leader’s vote? Are you happy with our immigration laws? Do you think Canada is addressing welfare intelligently? What about Canada Pensions, if we were to self manage a plan, Canadians would be far better able to retire with enough to live comfortably.

 Is your federal political party checking most of the boxes above? If not, you may want to look into the CHP (Christian Heritage Party).    Rod Taylor is their leader and will answer many of your questions on their web site. It is very easy to navigate.

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