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Lab Grown Milk

Feb 6th, 2024

If there were not enough things to worry about in this life, here is another one that could have a direct effect on our health and the economy of our country.  Fake milk, we have fake meat in our stores now and as far as I can ascertain, it is not a huge success. Very often it is discounted and who knows, other than the store employees, how much is thrown out. If you go on line, you will find pages of articles written saying this is the next thing to replace the cow, goat or sliced bread. New mothers don’t need to worry yet as it is not developed enough to give to babies or children and in Canada the approval has been given to the supplier in Israel to sell only bulk fake concentrate to go in any number of products such as Ice cream, nutrition bars, plant-based beverages, dairy based products, yogurt, baked goods, sauces, condiments and soups. Labels will have to scrutinized even more thoroughly.  

Hold On!  This product was Passed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2023.  However, an independent scientific report has released information that states both Canadian and U.S. took the contents and development statement as being adequate and did not do a thorough in house analysis. The survey claims that some procedures and contents were not disclosed. Canada has no concerns as they have taken the data provided by the manufacturer and approved it.  The key words are --THAT THEY PROVIDED!  They being the manufacturer.

 I am going to continue with real Milk.  However, what about all the food products this untested protein supplement is going to be contaminating. We fell for government and its agencies lies through covid19.       “Once bitten twice shy”  “ Buyer beware”.  Is Good Luck all we have left.

Paul D. Scott                           

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