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If it weren’t so serious, it would be funny. All this talk and fuss over another pipeline.  Our world is interwoven with pipelines of one description or another. Pipes have been moving goods from one place to another for decades with no negative impact on our society and we don’t even give them a second thought.  Well not until the media and these clueless politicians start to think that perhaps there are enough votes from these vocal but uninformed tree huggers that are against anything that will put Canada in a position of world economic dominance. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand watching documentaries showing the destruction of vast rain forests or clear cutting of ancient forests for greedy industrial gains. However, pipelines have very little negative impact on the countryside and compared to their benefits over moving goods by rail or transport trucks, there is no comparison safety wise or economically.

Our future in Canada is at a crossroad. We have very influential foes with mega bucks that would like us to withdraw back into our teepees and caves and be out of the way of huge outside interests that want to maintain the status quo. Our oil sands are a threat to other oil producing countries. A pipeline to the west coast would open up a world of new customers and allow us to sell our oil to more than one country, the USA.  Ever wonder why gas prices are much lower south of the border, it’s because of our higher taxes in Canada and to a large extent, our price to the USA is $25.00 to $40.00 per barrel lower than world prices. If we had a larger customer base this would change. Big money is pumped into Canada with the sole intent to cause disruption through paying slugs to cause trouble by stirring 1st nations and well meaning young people to protest almost anything that might catch their fancy. Our media falls prey to these tactics big time.

My morning paper showed a picture of protesters rallying against Harper and the Pipeline. Of course if they had a job they would be too busy with more important things than holding up signs against progress.

 I wonder if they have thought about how different their lives would be without the pipelines their forefathers built for them. Fresh water and gas coming into their parent’s home. Sewer pipes taking the waste away. I am old enough to remember the slop pail. This was filled with all manner of unclean and disgusting things from the daily lives of humans. Not one of these people would carry a slop pail outside and try to find a suitable place to dump it.

The going ahead with a pipeline would give many a job and secure their future and the future of this great land for many decades to come.

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