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Anthony Fauci  

(Mass International Murderer?)





I have become rather caught up in American news. Canadian news is covered by left wing commentary bobble heads. TV channels and even the National Post which is getting thinner every week and now publishing only five days a week is taking the left road on many news stories. With more advertising and less news. It is leaning more left as well. Most of our TV news coming out of the USA is not at all reliable for honest news coverage. Speaking these truths I am singled out in my community and then true news breaks on Fox. We are seeing now that the social media surely can’t be counted on for true news as it restricts any controversial views that they do not agree with. Conservative thinking is not tolerated any more. Free speech in the USA is becoming hard to find except, it is still on the Fox network. If that is so, I feel I am on the rite track.  

The Hunter Biden story of collusion with China and many other countries receiving millions of dollars for access to his father now the President of the US prior to his fraudulent election would be one of the latest stories. That finally had to come out but reluctantly and still not covered by the so-called legitimate news media as it should be.

So, is it true that Dr. Anthony Fauci, now advisor to Biden and former advisor to Trump and Obama is now being linked to the corona virus along with Peter Daszar of the WHO, for the development and perhaps the exposure through the Chinese lab in Wuhan?  It is alleged that Fauci and Daszar continued with their research after Obama stopped all work on this dangerous project and banned it, Did they still go around Obama and send their research to China where it was either intentionally or accidentally exposed to the world?  A few months ago, China did accuse the US of developing this virus and we thought this could not be true. Perhaps the truth is starting to be exposed.  (Moving forward to Sept 2022 it is now almost certain that the virus was developed in the United States with US Funds. The virus was moved to China for gain of function with Fauci's money and direction all over it.) Will the media try to cover this story up as well as so many more? Will Biden re-consider membership in WHO where China has so much influence? And at a cost of over $400 million? Is Bill Gates going to be tied to this scandal as he has been a huge contributor to Fauci and his work? All good questions that need to be addressed.  No one is accusing anyone of any wrong doing at this point, however, as the world is crashing into a great recession or worse, and because so many have suffered and died, we all need answers and without any more baloney or BS.

Paul D. Scott

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