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A Kennedy is Back

April 6th, 2023

Many of the voters in the USA will not be familiar with this man Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Many will not even be aware of his father Bobby who was the younger brother of Jack, (JFK) America’s 35th. President. Bobby was Jack’s Attorney General and both brothers were assassinated allegedly by the United States CIA. Whether the true story of their deaths will ever be revealed is very doubtful.  The Kennedy family was not without its family skeletons, Ted Kennedy, another brother was a senator in the US congress and was never properly dealt with legally for the death of a woman that was drowned in Kennedy’s car. Ted has recently admitted a terrible guilt that he has had to live with all his adult life.  There are alleged stories of both JFK and Bobby being caught up in the death of Marilyn Monroe.  The brother’s father, Joseph F. Kennedy was a character in his own rite for being among other things an alleged Nazi sympathizer and a bootlegger, he amassed a fortune as a ship builder and in motion pictures. He was of Irish decent and had a large family.

RFKjr. should not have to contend with his relatives and their past lives however checkered as they may be, but he will. Going against the worst president the United States has had in their history, for the Democratic nomination, should be a breeze but to the dismay of decent sane thinkers, it will be an up-hill battle. He will get support from anyone that has done their research into the covid so-called vaccines. Kennedy has been a sceptic of all vaccines for over 15 years. The whole covid debacle and the vaccines that have killed millions and are only just being revealed for what they are, and will do to mankind in the years to come, will give him a problem. The public are just learning the truth and will be hard pressed to change their minds in the short time before the 2024 elections.  Kennedy has a problem when it comes to his actress wife, Cheryl Hines. She does not share his passion for outlawing the covid vax. Kennedy is a good man and has done much for humanity. He founded the organization, The Childrens Health Fund and has authored the bestselling book, The Real Anthony Fauci, an expose of Bill Gates and Big Pharma.  We know the media are still in love with sleepy Joe and that could change as this creep does more and more to tear down what remains of the USA.  Mr. Kennedy is a respected lawyer and at the age of 69 he is mature and able to find his way on and off the stage. He has a speech impediment but that is nothing compared to Biden who is not capable of completing a sentence that he does not understand anyway.

In a world of sanity and decency, I would expect Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to do well as a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America representing the Democratic party. But I don’t think even as President, he can clear the party of its insane cult of demonic Communists. Trump couldn’t accomplish a full cleansing of the GOP in his four years and he is a stronger willed man than even Kennedy.  Good luck Robert for trying.


Paul D. Scott.           

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