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I’m a Christian  -  What are You?


This title is acceptable for my web site as I and only I have pretty much total control over its content. As Editor and coordinator  of our community newsletter, my chances of writing an article under this title are nil.  When expressing the fact that I am a Christian and that I am also a pro lifer, the proverbial shit hit the fan.  Some very vile emails were sent to me and our board of directors along with personal comments that, just stating my religious preference was in bad taste. I have been censored from writing an editorial and from giving any personal comments on any subject.  Censorship is alive and well in Canada.

I do live in an upscale community with many decent, lovely people. A large portion of my neighbours are retired educators, teachers, professors and administrators. The front line force that has such a profound influence on our young children that are so impressionable. Most of these folks have supported my right to an opinion even though it might not be in accordance to their left wing thinking. The very small minority with big mouths and loud voices along with threats and warnings were able to bring our board members to give in and become politically correct and stifle my thoughts.  Fair enough for a community newsletter of to-day. My concerns are, how far down the rabbit hole we have gone in a short 50 years.

When I first heard many years ago that Christians in North America would have to go underground to practice their religion, I was sure that this would never happen in my lifetime. I guess I wasn’t planning on living so long. We read of terrible atrocities against Christians in the ancient times but never thought it would confront us in the 21st century, we are far too advanced to allow that to happen in our lifetime. Beheadings only happen in times where the being has barely evolved from a primate. Gays openly praising their illness and straight people celebrating with them. Living babies forced from the womb, killed and harvested for their body parts to the highest bidder. Politicians with such piety to think that they can change the weather and drive back the seas, what fools! Governments and their leaders in lock step with the money changers of the world are encouraging all of this carnage and we as Christians seem to be helpless.

We do have one positive to fall back on, and that is the knowledge that Jesus Christ will return to put this world back to its proper order and those who do not accept him as their Lord and Savior will reject him and be condemned to everlasting hell.

If I were able to write anything I wanted in our community newsletter and I was to say that I am a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindi, an Atheist or an Agnostic, it would be overlooked and probably not mentioned for fear of not being politically correct. I mentioned previously that I was a Christian and did not believe in abortion on demand and was severely criticized and told that while it would be regrettable if I were to give up the paper, I would be banned from an editorial and restricted to community news only, with no personal comments. We are still continuing with the letter but finding it to be less fun and a lot less stimulating for myself and my readers.

There will come a time when we will have to declare our loyalties. What do we stand for? If we are for abortion and homosexual marriage, then we are going against God’s will, The Bible is a book inspired by God and it plainly says that if you reject him, you take up with the devil and you are not one of his flock.

I’m a Christian, what are you?

Paul D. Scott




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