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One World Government

May 5th 2023

It’s coming as sure as dogs get fleas.  We have had it so good for so long that no matter what horrible news is buzzing around us, we just can’t envision it happening to us in North America.  This prediction will come to pass and as it seems to be slowly coming, suddenly we will have it. We are accepting the reality of a WW3 in the same way. It is somewhat like bankruptcy. At first it starts slowly and all of a sudden you are bankrupt. It is quite conceivable that many reading this piece will be bankrupt or worse when the Bible prophesies are fulfilled. One world government is the intent of some very powerful and wealthy people. Many members of the WEF are behind this concept. Of course, the intent is to have fewer people on this planet and the ones left except the chosen few, will be little more than subhuman robots willing to do whatever they are commanded to do. The one world leader will be able to perform miracles and will demand submission from all who are under his power. The concept of a computer more intelligent than mankind has now been realized and with it our civilization is spiraling downward to a new level of depravity.  AI (Artifical Intelligence) (is in the hands of evil. We need to take heed to the warnings of Elon Musk and others that while AI could be a force for good, in the wrong hands, it will be man’s greatest accomplishment for our very destruction.

No one knows who the Anti-Christ will be. However, only just now in history can we accept with understanding, God’s prophesy that this evil one will be able to entrance the world with his excessive and unimaginable powers and with the A I assisting him, only God will have the power to overthrow him. A I in the hands of the Anti-Christ will for a time, 42 months, deceive the world.  Revelation 13/3-10. So, we will have by God’s own words, a one world government but we as children of God should be aware that this entity has Satan as its sponsor and we as God fearing Christians need to always be fighting against Satan and his followers.   

If covid has taught us anything, it is that fear is a very powerful tool to be used to control a populous. Many of us are still reluctant to be seen in public without a mask. Many take mask wearing to extremes even though it has been proven to be more harmful to wear them than not. Flu and Corona viruses are air borne so when you see plastic walls erected in medical offices with inches of openings allowing air to flow around them, how stupid are we that we can even imagine that the the air is not full of minute viruses and can’t be intimated by a porous wall.  How can we have faith in our well-educated health workers when we see how outragedly stupid they are. As it has been said, “there is one born every minute” Satan will have little blow back when he puts his final plan in motion to control the world. Do you have the fortitude to rise up against him and his flunkies such as our Prime Minister Trudeau or Chrystia Freeland or Pres. Biden or Bill Gates or King Charles 111? (All are members of the WEF) The pressure will be a challenge for even the most devout.


Paul D. Scott    

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