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Our Canada

Feb 6th 2022

This has been a special week-end.  My Canada has been transformed in a couple of ways.  The drab winter blues have been covered with a fluffy white coating of snow and for the first time in more than 18 months, I feel proud of my country once again.  Reports from all across Canada are indicating that in spite of the many that will not bring themselves to the realization that this covid fiasco has been a setup from the beginning to gain control of the world population to conform to a new power, many more are realizing that we have been set up. This has morphed into the largest demonstration against a governing power for a very long time. Yes, it gives me great pleasure to say that it is happening here in Canada. The beautiful part is that up until Sunday evening, it has been peaceful and done as you might expect from a Canadian perspective, respectful and with humour. This may not continue into next week as the public are showing some signs of frustration and contempt. 

The media and the political leaders reporting the events have been less than honest when reporting, they have emphasized some minor incidence so that many are down on the truckers and other demonstrators for false reasons.  The truckers have been to this point very civil and well within the boundaries of our Charter of Rights. Prime Minister Justen Trudeau has been very unworthy of his position from the very beginning. Our PM should have faced the organizers at the beginning and discussed in a civil manner the complaints. However, as the covid problem, so went the demonstration, no discussion with a body of scientists and no discussion with the demonstrators, my way or the highway was our leader’s strategy.  This could lead to very serious times ahead, some reporters are saying the government should be sending in our service men and women to confront the demonstrators, “move your trucks or we will blow them up”. We sure do not want this to morph into a full-blown war.

Trudeau needs to smarten up, get with these people and work out a compromise. Why is this fool still advocating vaccines, masks, distancing when they are not working?  Mandates are being dropped all over Europe. They are unconstitutional here in Canada, they were set up illegally and many heads should be on the chopping block when this is all over.

Trudeau set the stage when he spoke these words. This was his remark toward anyone that would stand up for a demonstration against mandates, “They are racist misogynists - do we tolerate these people?” Should we expect this sort of reaction from our PM?  Perhaps it is in his blood, his DNA, perhaps the rumblings are true, and this man should be called a bastard.  Margaret Trudeau was in the Caribbean about 9+ months prior to Justen’s birth and she was alone and she was a promiscuous free spirited sick young woman. She left no doubt in the minds of all who lived through those times that she was infatuated with Castro and he had a ritual of two new lovers every day. Should we just turn our backs to the possibility we have elected a fraud?  Should a man that would treat his countrymen with these words of distain be tolerated? This unacceptable language coming from a leader that has broken enough laws of our country to be de-throned and sent packing.

At last, this is what could conceivably happen following legal proceedings planned by Brian Peckford and a group that are charging the government of Canada for enacting rules and regulation (Laws) that fly in the face of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mr. Peckford stated, “I’ve come to the conclusion now that I must, and as a Canadian, as one of the writers, founders of the Constitution Act of 1982, not only speak about it, I must act about it.” The results of this suit will have dramatic consequences to our country either way it is ruled upon. Look out Canada, changes are on the horizon.

Paul D. Scott          www.rantingsandraves .com

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