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Is This the Beginning of the End 


Dear friends, recently an old friend commented to me that I must be wearing horseshoes as this is the second time, I have avoided imminent death. Many years ago, in 1963, I was severely injured in a head on collision with a tanker truck and a gravel truck. As most of you know, 18 months ago, I was given 6 months to live with that dreaded disease Cancer. But here I am approaching 84 and feeling pretty good following some painful but not life-threatening problems. Yesterday, my heart doctor gave me a pretty good report on my heart and told me of a new procedure for A-fib that will cure the problem when it gets worse. They insert a clip inside the heart valve that is leaking. If you have A-fib and your ankles start to swell, see your doctor.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for my recovery. Some friends had their church pray for my recovery and I appreciate being alive to-day because of your concerns for me. There is power in prayer!

 In our busy life we tend to forget our vulnerability.  I have had a lot of time to reflect on my life and so am obliged to pass on my faith in my God to all of you. I believe that most of us will be witness to the end of our world as we know it to-day. This can be a good thing or not. This will depend on you and your faith. I do not want to be the preacher in your face, we have all been witness to how objectionable they can be, but I do think we should be prepared for what the future will bring. It is all forecast in the Bible if you want to be better prepared.  

 Don’t kill the messenger!


Is this the Beginning of the end?


For all my Christian friends, you will have at least a clue as to what the reference is to in the title of this piece.  My local rag is droning on about local politics and taking every opportunity to blame either Trump or Ford for all the world’s woes. My national paper at least Is concerned about our Canadian stance in world politics and how our government is handling our affairs here at home. Radio and TV are also reporting world and local events. Is anyone looking at the big picture? or will that come as a last resort when no other answer for the world’s decay and destruction is apparent? In my lifetime, albeit longer than average, I have seen the moral decay of my country along with the rest of the world.  This is happening faster than any time period in history.

As a boy back in the 1930’s, hell and dam were never heard in our home or at my school (Rolph Road Public school) in Leaside. Sunday was for the worship of our God at church and Sunday school and for gatherings at the grandparent’s home for family conversation and fun.  Today our children are scattered all around the world, or they are busy working or attending sports events. Our churches are empty and the Bible is rarely read and even less used as a guide and reference in our daily lives.  “Woke” is a new expression or word introduced into our vocabulary recently, I wonder just how many of us have been “Woke” to what is going on under our noses.

The world is changing, no one will argue that the world climate is not changing, whether it is getting hotter or colder does not matter. It is changing as it has since it was created. There is no argument there. This is God’s realm, not ours. No amount of carbon credits will change God’s plan for what he has in store for the future of his world. We can only be observers as our time as contributors has passed.

The world as I write this is in near panic with God’s latest attempt to get our attention.  COVID-19 is now declared a “Pandemic” from the Latin Pan (all) Demic (people). Two thirds of the world could be affected and much of the senior population could be killed. If this does not get you thinking, what will? This should not come as a surprise as all of what has happened and will happen is all prophesied in our Christian Bible. Please read what Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24:4-14.

So many people hate and despise Pres. Trump. I personally think while I dislike some of his methods and his personality, he has been very good at his job and changed the USA to once again become a world class country that is putting its citizens first. I have to remember that God is in control and even the best and worst leaders in this world are there by the grace of God and are fulfilling his plan.

The raging fires, hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes and pandemics will all increase ushering in the beginning of the “Last Days”. No one knows when our God has planned for his Son to return to save all mankind. These are special times as we watch the words of the Bible being fulfilled.  Read this from 2 Peter 9thverse.

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance.”

Our God loves us and to be with him for eternity takes only one step. That is to acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died on the cross for our sins.

AMO   Paul D. Scott.


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