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Trump OK?   or  The Deep State

April 2018



I take my politics very seriously. I do not belong to any particular political party. I never have. The parties and the candidates change depending on many factors.  I follow the candidates through the newspapers and TV and radio.  When in the USA my passion was to listen to the Right-wing radio shows. I would get very worked up at times with some of the crazy antics that were reported.  Both right and left had their star reporters. As time went by the atmosphere became more and more hostile.  This was in the US.  In Canada, we had very little media competition to oppose the Liberal party and left-wing radicals.  The Sun network appeared for a brief time but was quickly extinguished by left wing forces that found that media opposition to the Grand Plan was getting irritating and some listeners were asking too many embarrassing questions. You see, we here in this blessed country also have a swamp. Ezra Levant and Faith Goldy and company were put out of business and with some difficulty it is possible to pick them up on the Internet. It is still called “The Rebel network”.  When they were on the Sun network it was refreshing to get a view of our country other than through the eyes of left wing Liberals and Progressives. Quite frankly, the left are a boring bunch with grand platitudes and failure after failure when they put their theories’ into practice. I admit that as soon as Trump came on the scene as a potential candidate for president of the U.S., I was anxious to hear what he had to say, being an Entrepreneur myself, and after hearing Trump interviewed by Oprah 25 or more years ago. In that interview, he was asked about what his platform would be and did he think he could win a presidential election. I would not run if I thought I would not win, he said. I was impressed then and more so as he spoke again prior to his election. A dear friend from Florida who is a Democrat, a Progressive and an Atheist, but a great guy and someone I enjoy arguing with on these and other subjects, asked my opinion on Donald Trump running for president. While I was not all that taken with some of his remarks, I thought he had great ideas for bringing the USA back from it’s lack luster world position and its moral depravity at home.  My remark was that at least he could not be bought off like so many politicians in the world to-day, and a successful business man couldn’t hurt. Every day sees another first as a result of the changes he is making. How much more could he accomplish if only the opposition would get behind his policies. There are very powerful evil entities behind the scenes with the desire to bring Trump down in any way possible.  Who or what is the driving force to discredit Trump and his goals?  Why is most of the media, left wing organisations, most Democrats and so much of the general public, so negative toward this man? I have written about this many years ago and my theory then was, follow the


World domination will start by controlling the most powerful country in the world.  Who’s to say that Trump is not aiming for this for himself. I doubt that however, the obvious culprits that have been working toward this are using every trick in their executive briefcases to reach the goal of utmost power and wealth. Trump has been talking about draining the swamp. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Below the murky and muddy waters and hiding out of sight in the muck from the world are the demonic entities that are in control in Washington. Some of the puppets that are on the strings and being manipulated are the Obamas, Clintons, Kennedys and George Soros, most of the media and many politicians from all the parties and much of the left-wing Washington elites and most of Hollywood. I usually take the side of an underdog so what better choice is there than to back Donald Trump.

“Killing the Deep State” is a recent book written by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. “The fight to save President Trump”. Mr. Corsi is a No.1 New York Times best seller and earned his Ph.D. at Harvard University.  This book has been reviewed by Newsmax magazine March 2018.

Newsmax in it’s revue of the book reveal to the public just how desperate the power is, running the White House “The Deep State” were and how shaken they were when Hillary lost the presidency. Globalists and world financialists that had a new world order hold on the White House, (a shadow government) since Pres. Reagan, would be out.  Globalists would not be assured that the bankers world wide would continue to finance U.S. military adventures around the globe. Wars are very profitable for many in high places. The Deep state could no longer be assured of open borders and a massive influx of Middle Eastern refugees which was to eventually end national sovereignty in the United States.  Deep State were not planning for an upset in the election, thinking it could never happen, they were so firmly in control but must be prepared if this upstart Donald Trump from the business world were to mysteriously get the presidency.  As the Nation Security Agency and CIA were in the pockets of the Deep State, they initiated extensive electronic surveillance hoping to derail the Trump candidacy. After the election, Congress and the mainstream media had Robert Mueller as special counsel appointed to investigate further. He was known to be a special friend of James Comey head of the FBI. He was also a former FBI director. The job was to be able to accuse Trump of rigging the election. If impeachment were to fail and proof of Trump’s insanity were to fail, the Deep State would pressure the CIA to assassinate the president. This naturally would be a last resort but would it be the first time? The CIA have been accused of these Heinous deeds in the past but charges were never opened of murder and assassinations.

Say what you will about Trump’s personal life or his ability to annoy you with his bragging and bombastic demeaner.  He has done one thing that almost every other politician fails to do, and that is to follow up and implement his election promises. Tweeting is not my style but it surly is Trump’s and what a great way to put the media in a position of insignificance.  He has circumvented the fake news media. Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote following the Trump victory that the economy would never recover.  Brian Ross of ABC sent the market in a downward spiral with false news and CNN has become less than what it once was and seems to be in free fall with discredited so-called news.

In the past 18 months under a president that has had so many adversaries holding back the programs he has promised but has still accomplished --- the creation of 2 million jobs and gained over 8 Trillion in wealth,  African and Hispanics are enjoying the lowest rate of unemployment ever, historic tax cuts, fewer regulations that helps small and large business, Keystone pipeline, opened millions of acres for future exploration, put Isis in retreat, brought world leaders to respect the presidency again and also to be aware that the USA is back taking it’s place as a World performer again. This includes the new respect from the Little Rocket Man from North Korea. We will see how that situation plays out in the days to follow.

Canada, It makes you wonder where we stand in the whole scheme of things?  A great subject for discussion and debate.


Paul D. Scott.


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