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Insanity Prevails

April 17th 2021


Just when I thought it was impossible for our leaders and professional medical and science gurus to do much more harm to our society, Doug. Ford, our once ‘‘elected to save our province’’ politically, has set down an edict that will complete our demise for much further into the future than is planned for me. He has reached the pinnacle of total insanity.  All we have to do is look at the statistics rather than listen to these fools that have no backing for their mistakes but keep repeating them. The CDC announced back in June 2020 about masks, “no masks can filter virus germs”. WHO said the same thing. The virus mist is 1000 times smaller than any known filter. So, what does Fauci say? wear two or even three, as if that were the answer to 1000.

Get vaccinated and be able to get back to your life as it was, we were told. Stay in your homes until the virus is under control and the hospitals are able to adjust, perhaps only a few days, we were told. My grandson is very upset with his grandparents for not buying into this hoax that we are all going to die if we don’t follow our political leaders. He has been working in a hospital for six months and comes home with terrible stories and is appalled as to how crowded and busy the hospital is. Two and a half years ago, long before covid, I was given six months to live and still was confined to a gurney and housed in Emergency for 6 days. Having to share a bathroom with hundreds of my fellow patients and the public. I was told to pee in the sink with almost no privacy if I didn’t want to use the filthy public toilet. This was a brand new BILLION-dollar hospital.  Ontario hospitals have always been busy, thanks to our appalling socialized medical plan we Canadians must endure.

Why are all these health professional and dignitaries and special people all vaccinated now but still wearing masks? I was under the impression that once you have your shots, you are impervious to either catching or transferring this dreaded thing. Now, if we want to peel away the bandage of lies, we will find that the virus can still be caught and transferred by anyone but the symptoms will not be as debilitating.

Now these so-called experts are hinting that the whole world should be given a booster shot every year. That is not what we were led to believe when we lined up for this thing. We might as well take two aspirins and get lots of rest. None of these Pharma giants have developed a vaccine that has successfully treated these SARS variants and they still have not.

It is estimated that 1.5 Billion school children have lost at least a year of their lives as regular kids going to school. Millions of small to mid sized business have been lost along with millions of bankruptcies and deaths because many other diseases and medical issues have been put off or cancelled. Thousands have committed suicide and to add insult to injury, Canada has the largest per capita deaths in seniors’ homes in the world.

If you are interested in hearing the other side of the story, not the tales from the crypts on CNN or MSNBC or CBC or CTV or the New York Times. Read the Barrington Declaration for starters. It deals with focused protection. You just google it and get started with information you have not been given.  As an old but great reporter (Paul Harvey) used to say on his daily radio show, “And now, the rest of the story” You deserve to hear both sides of this tragic drama. Then you can draw your own conclusion on who is going to be your guide into the future.

Be strong and believe that we are not travelling alone through this life.

Paul D. Scott.

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