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Trudeau’s days should be numbered

February 2021


Why on earth are we putting up with this child star Mr. Dressup as our leader of this great country? I am personally acquainted with a dozen or more, better qualified to fill his shoes and many more over 75 that are qualified, not only by the fact they are over the age of approval in spite of the fact that with age comes wisdom.  If you disagree with my following words you are either an underaged female or a young immature fanciful female that are partially responsible for the mess we are in now by voting for him. Beware of the sexy smile and empty promises, nothing worthwhile comes in life without a price.

The National Post week-end paper under the headline (Canada can’t get things done) listed just some of the failures Trudeau has had his hand in and I will add my own comments to this list.

Military Procurement

 I fear for the people of Canada if there is ever a military invasion of our land. Our war ships are 30+ years old and rotting away.  After WW2 we had the third largest navy in the world. Now we have only one supply ship and it is not even battle equipped as well as being a rental. Our planes are put together with shrinking spare parts and many are considered antiques. Twenty-five years ago, we hosted a wedding at our Inn where many high ranking military personal from Ottawa were our guests.  They were hostile when news came to their attention that the long-awaited helicopter contract was cancelled. They are still waiting for their new helicopters. Procurement for Canada’s needs is deplorable.

Pandemic response

At one time, Canada’s place in the world of medical chemistry was highly regarded, now we do not make even the most rudiment pills such as Aspirin. Everything comes from either China or India.  So where do we go for a COVID-19 cure? -  China, the place that sent us this terrible blight. What does China have over our Prime Minister? They keep shafting us and we keep returning, cup in hand asking for more. Canadian friends in Florida have received their second shot while we freeze here in Canada not expecting our final shots for at least 10 months.


Oil prices are skyrocketing because our wimp in Ottawa won’t take a stand with the wimp in Washington. Oil is and will be for many years in our future, a necessary part of our existence. Pipelines are the safest and cheapest of all means of moving oil, gas, water and so much more. We should be opening discussions and decisions to build the 2015 Energy East project linking Calgary to Ontario north of the Great Lakes. Because of this idiot in Ottawa, thousands of good jobs have left our shores. Investment has left by the billions of dollars probably never to return. Confidence has eroded in our ability to run a country. Even other socialised countries do not dare meddle with their ability to produce and export petroleum products.


This is not something Ottawa has much say in but our provinces and municipalities need to be updated as well.

Clean water on reserves

We as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves for the disgusting way, we have treated our native neighbours. We restrict them from owning their own homes and put them in ordinary homes that because they do not own them, the people have no reason to respect them, thus, the buildings must be replaced long before lifetime. I purchased a 40 room Derelict mansion a few years ago and had to bring running water and sewage disposal back to the place before it could be habitable. This was accomplished with a minimum amount of funds from my beleaguered budget. I also restored the rest of the building in 6 months for much less than the ridiculous restoration estimates of one hundred million of our taxes for the PM’s house, 24 Sussex Drive. It turns my stomach when I see the total disregard for common sense and in frugality in our government. Diplomacy and Dams were on the list but you get the point.

I am sorry if I offend some by pointing out just a few of the many faults of our Mr. Trudeau PM.  They may be covered in earlier postings on this blog.

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