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All that Ails me



Most of my writings of late have been about the state of our world affairs. It has been very negative for the most part even though my wife has been harping on me to write more upbeat stuff, it is hard to find much to be upbeat about.  Even when I want to beat my own drum, I find it hard to be positive. My body is finally about worn out and my mind is never in a place of true serenity even though I pray for peace of mind and a direction to point myself. I wrote a book some time ago called Rantings and Raves of a Curious Old Fart, it was an enjoyable experience as I was living a totally different life in a very different world, a happier and more contented world. My stories were light hearted and many were life experiences that were to me, humorous.  Pre-covid months were difficult as I was dealing with my own life and death issues. Cancer was my demon and the prognosis of only 6 months to live. All of the trials of that drama were worked out and here I am still standing, a bit shorter and minus a few vital organs, but far wiser following my journey. I am looking ahead and I wonder if I made the rite decision to carry on in a world that holds very little promise for most of mankind.  I ask my  Heavenly Father just what can I do to be of some good in these times? I am waiting for an answer or a sign. For many personal, rational and health related reasons, my wife and I decided to wait for more positive signs that the so-called vaccine was the answer to covid, and we are still waiting. It would seem that our reluctance was a good idea. We have weathered the storm with our own God given immune system with some help from a regimen of vitamins and a healthy diet.  Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin would have given us more confidence but the government withdrew these life-giving medical marvels from the pharmacy shelves to protect the big pharmaceutical companies. The vaccines were soon to be proven-not what they advertised.  Fools like Fauci, Biden, Trudeau, Bill Gates, Monica Gandy, Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CD, Rachell Madeau (MSNBC) and so many others declared from the roof tops, take the vaccine, if you take it, you won’t get covid and you will not spread it to others, I, along with thousands of vax rejectors were restricted from  flying or taking a train or eating out in a restaurant for fear we, the unwashed would contaminate the jabbed. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, those of you that are vaxed have compromised your natural immune system and are far more susceptible to all the natural germs that our body is built to resist.  And still, with this knowledge many are lining up for more of the same until we die or are put into a drug induced stupor.

I am from the 1% generation and so 99% of you are perhaps not going to be very tolerant of my beliefs or my culture. The few of us that are left, brought up pre war and during the second world war are perhaps thinking on a different plane. We are more naïve in many ways but suspicious of things that do not make sense. It is not hard to see that covid was a set up for the introduction to a thing that would enrich many and give power and control to even more.  The VACCINE! As we all know even if many won’t admit it yet, it does not work, except it is an instrument that relieves fear. The same as masks and distancing. They are proven through many studies that most have not been privy to do to censorship, they do not work either. However, they do give a false sense of security.

I have been speaking to my family for many years now that the future holds a great many  challenges and potholes that they should recognize when they present themselves, try to avoid them. In their lifetime the probability of the end of the world as we know it will transpire. That is a very good possibility. I am in a growing community of thinkers that believe that we are in the initial stages of “The End Times” I believe that accepting the Jab is the 1st. stage leading to the ultimate downfall of much of the world’s population. That is the Mark of the “beast” where all that want to live normal lives by buying and selling must have a biochip or a paper- thin “data tattoo” mounted on people’s foreheads or a similar ID such as your social insurance ID as a tracking device or even a thought control implant implanted in your right hand. One of the Scandinavian countries is experimenting with this concept already. This is all written in the last book of the New Testament, Revelation chapter 13 / verses 11-18.

I believe that taking the Jab is the first step to the ultimate rejection of God and his laws and the first step over the line to the evil one and submission and admission to the devil and eternal Hell. The good news is that it is not too late. Now you know there is a loving God who has made you in his image and who wants you to be saved and be with him for eternity in heaven, you need not fear. However, the price for eternal life will not be easy. The price may be more than some of us can bare. No one knows when this all will happen and if we are saved if we must endure the hardships that are foretold. We are warned that the Christian church will be forced underground in the last days. Our decision to be God’s child or take a chance with an evil angel that will ultimately lose, is one we all have a free choice to make. I hope you have the strength to choose well. 

Paul D. Scott     

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