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I may be in the minority with my thoughts and concerns but it wouldn’t be the first time nor will it be the last. I feel more and more alienated when I see my place in this world, a world that has become foreign to me.

 I arrived in the city of Toronto in the mid 1930’s, Toronto was a very different city then and except for family, I had nothing.  My grandparents arrived in Toronto with the same empty feeling in their being as well as in their pockets. This was in the early 1900’s, they were penniless and with seven mouths to feed and five children to protect, they had nowhere to go but up. Few if any government safety nets were available. Just the skills and hard work ethics were needed to survive.

Toronto has changed since those days of an almost all Anglo population. The city has changed from white to brownish tones. Many more saw the advantage of moving to this great city and country, for the most part, they have made a fine life for themselves. Government tinkering changed things a bit as to encourage immigrants with not so lofty aspirations.  Their future in this country of wealth was to take advantage of all those that had gone before them. Safety nets have been created to look after those that had fallen on hard times, an admirable plan that was taken advantage of by some that saw a way to cheat the system. This is tolerable when only a few take advantage but we are coming to the point where the system can’t sustain the pressure of more and more, especially non citizens arriving here just for the welfare benefits. The USA and Great Britain and other socialist countries are going bankrupt with entitlements that they can’t service. Mr. Harper in a quiet way is making attempts to slow down this problem in Canada.

My country is not only changing in its physical complexion but also in its morals and standards. We are hardly a Christian country when Christians are banned from practicing law in some provinces, or banned from taking part in politics in a party that was once for free thought and freedom of religion. The Liberal party in Ontario is corrupted to the core with one scandal after another taking us from a rich prosperous  province to a have not province and seeing one industry after another leaving because of higher costs of doing business here and government interference. Unions and a blind Media have contributed in large measure supporting this deplorable conduct. But it just doesn’t seem to matter to a large percentage of this population. “Don’t confuse the issue with facts; it hasn’t affected my life so I’m not interested.”

 In national politics the Liberals are also at it and driving me to distraction with their new leader,” Justin Trudeau” going against all sanity as a practicing Roman Catholic in not allowing a free thinker or a Christian with a belief in the sanctity of the human being to run for a seat as a member of parliament. Even the Pope himself would be banned from running on the Liberal ticket. This boy,”J T” didn’t have much of a start given that both his parents were not the best examples of moral living.  Being brought into a home of wealth and privilege does not always create a worthwhile human being.

 I believe that at conception, life begins. Any tampering with that fetus causing it to perish is in my opinion, murder! That is my belief and there are many who would disagree.  That should not disqualify me as a citizen from being a member of parliament if enough people were ready to vote for me. Our law regarding abortion in Canada is that there is no law. Abortion on demand if you can get a butcher to perform the act is allowed until and sometimes after the actual birth. What a barbaric country we occupy. Am I supporting abortion by paying my taxes  to the government of Canada? I believe I am.

The Bible says that Christians will be driven underground just before the end times. Can we not see that these prophesies are being fulfilled in our time?


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