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Had Enough Yet?

April 2nd.2024


Just how much punishment are we expected to endure before there is an uprising in our country? Canadians have put up with a total controller for over eight years and we have paid dearly for our lack of foresight in electing a Liberal party, with, a Prime Minister that has become the laughingstock of the world. Oh sure, Klause Shwab of the WEF praises Trudeau and his pal Chrystia Freeland as being on board with him to take over the world, as if we aren’t in a bad enough state already.  Trudeau’s social policies fall in line with the World Economic Forum and the sooner they can take everything away from the population and put us into a subservient box, where they are in total control, the better.  For most of us, this is a pretty radical approach, but we are facing some very serious events in the next few weeks that could change how our health and medical treatments are being served, and restricting our personal decisions as to treatments and services.  If the WHO, the World Health Organization has its way, most countries in the world will be voting to allow the WHO to be the total decision maker in all things related to our health care. They will be able to overrule any opposition, even from the government to enforce their rulings. We will be sent back to the days of 2020-21-22 and worse where we will have no control as to what is demanded of us. Injections of poison or any of the other acts of persecution such as restrictions of freedom of speech, the right to assemble peacefully, and much more, will be at the sole discretion of the WHO. This is an unelected body of Woke and Progressive control freaks. Canada and the USA, France and many other countries have projected their approval and are in favour of this proposal.  As the WEF and the WHO are hand in hand together on these proposals, it is no small matter and must be taken seriously.

Our country has traditionally been a civilized nation that will do almost anything to avoid conflict or to disturb our peaceful endeavors. It would take a great deal of discomfort in our population, but I believe that our younger citizens are about to start a civil outrage that will turn Canada and perhaps the USA into a totally different homeland.  The RCMP have warned our leaders that there is a rage burning in the population that we have just about had enough of the Trudeau regime. Many are calling for his resignation and many more will be tempted to cause it to happen, one way or another.  In the USA, anything is possible if Biden and Obama are re-elected.  If Trump is elected it could be much worse. No one can predict the extremes the left is capable of. Great Britain has been reduced from a world leader to a second-rate republic. France and Germany are headed for an unexpected future the world is not anticipating. Our expectations for the Chinese and Russian states are predictable and Turkey will also fit into their plans.

Our narcissistic PM is on his last legs and needs to be removed.  

Does it make you wonder when you start to analyze our place in time, are we in the End Times? Many have said that the past world always had the events prophesied in the Bible. Terrible storms and earthquakes, wars and horrible inhuman acts against mankind. However, for others, they see a picture of all the prophesies coming together at this time, we notice that they are, and are all in line and are closer than ever to being fulfilled.

 Canadians are starting to realize that Canada is broke and in terrible debt and they are angry. Civil unrest is boiling just under the skin of many as taxes are increased regularly and more and more restrictions are levied against the ordinary citizen. Our resources are great and being squandered by a childlike creature. Trudeau can’t see beyond his treacherous nose the potential Canada has. We have the ability to be the Dubai of the north.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel of fear and uncertainty. It is the knowledge of all who believe in the Bible teachings that Jesus Christ is coming soon. All the hurt and sadness of the physical body will be removed and we will be with our Savior for eternity, away from the woes of this world. The world will continue on its prophesied way of wars and human anguish until Jesus Christ comes for the second time to vanquish evil and banish Satin to the bottomless pit.  Peace will abound for 1000 years and then we will see another world evolve. Rev.20/1.2.3.

 May God be with you.


Paul D. Scott                       

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