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Canada (what a botched-up country)

July 16th, 2023

After reading my morning newspaper, reviewing my emails and reviewing my latest news on line including The Epoch Times, I am ready to throw in the towel on my country, yet again.  I have felt this way since long before covid but with a sense of patriotism and a love for my country, I keep waiting for some sign of change and a return to some sanity but it is getting worse.

The following are some of my problems:

*Abortion on demand, Maid (Medical Assistance In Dying), same sex marriage, Gay rights, Progressive and woke acceptance, climate change, unfulfilled promises to an over indulged indigenous people, fossil fuel closures, free speech infringements, are all beefs I have written about in the past.

I have another list to add to this disgraceful plethoric line up. This one has just evolved from a couple of hours reading today’s news.

*Peaker plants, many will wonder what is he writing about now? Peaker plants are Electric plants attached to hydro, coal fired or nuclear generating plants that are natural gas and also mixed with powerful greenhouse methane gas. One plant can electrify over 100,000 homes and is used to assist current plants that cannot generate enough power at peak times. Wind and solar can only provide power at the whim of our climate. Will we ever be rid of fools that are forever saying, “not in my back yard”?

Of course not. They are often the first to complain when the lights go out.

*Unfortunately, we are in a community that has as its local newspaper, a left leaning Torstar affiliate.  All they seem to write about is negatives on Ford and Pierre Poilievre.  Much like MSNBC with their obsession with Trump. It gets rather boring and childish as well when so-called reporters only write their opinions.

My list of gnawing aggravations of government stupidity is growing as the above list is just the start of an ever-growing reason to throw our present government out of power. The problem is, what are our options? A benevolent King? The guy the Brits. have now, King Charles 3rd. is not anything close to his mother in grace, dedication or sociability.  Where are the leaders we had when I was growing up? Here goes for my extended list of beefs.

*CBC broadcasting, $2.2 billion dollars from our benevolent government, to bribe a media for favourable treatment toward the Liberal party. Another huge budget for the rest of the media  and yet the print media’s funds that this plan was supposed to be for, is very small.

*More infringement on our freedoms and freedom of speech with two new bills, Bill C11 and C18. We Canadians will eventually wonder, when did our rights disappear? It has been going on in a subtle way for many years.

*The Governor General’s office that regularly spends $100,000 per day on international trips. Governor General Mary Simon just spent $200.00 per person (30 guests) for a Champagne breakfast.  A $3.3 million dollar expenditure on a pavilion for a 3-day conference over two years, one year the conference was virtual. All of this waste so that Canadian authors could be recognized. The Governor General’s Office should be cancelled. Canada does not need a representative to a corrupt monarchy. Other expenses from a former G/G $500,000 to renovate a Paris residence and a $20,000 piano and on and on. 

*Canada and World’s insistence on the efficacy of covid vaccines is disgraceful. It has been displayed in many dozens of clinical tests and studies that the vaccine is harmful.  Canada’ statistics have proven this with a survey of all its civil service employees. The results were overwhelming.  Employees before the mandates were getting covid on average of 321 cases per month -- after the mandates the figure rose 1000% to 3,297 per month. How is it, with Trudeau’s own government showing these figures, he can dictate that we need to continue this lunacy of jabbing our bodies with this potentially life-threatening gunk? The USA have similar findings in their military.

*Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been proven with overwhelming success that when prescribed early, patients will survive with these two  drugs and without the jab in three days. Our government is in LA LA land if it has not heard of the outstanding healing benefits  these two inexpensive drugs. Is big pharma paying the medical industry and our governments so much money in bribes and forcing the public to live in fear of more mandates and more false vaccines?

*Our armed forces are pathetically equipped and under staffed by as much as 10,000 personnel. Many years ago, in my games room at the Sir. William Mackenzie Inn, I was hosting a wedding for a young service man. The announcement came over the news that yet again the long-awaited helicopter purchase was to be cancelled. Many of our service men have perished in our antiquated machines and we are still waiting for new equipment. Needless to say, the anger of the uniformed guests, a general an admiral and other lesser ranks, when they heard the news was quite astounding.  They were furious with our politicians for their lack of support for our brave service men and women. We have virtually depleted our arsenal to protect our citizens today, as we have given arms and wealth to the Ukraine for a war that can never be won.

*I have written about Chem-Trails for many years, deaf ears and suggestions that I am totally bonkers was my only feed-back. I feel even more confident in my findings after seeing a lot more convincing material that we have been getting aluminum mist dumped on us by the American military since the early 1950’s. To a lesser extent the commercial airlines have had a part in this cover up for some time as well. A fully loaded military airplane can carry a 100-ton payload of this toxic mist that has been polluting our soil and water not to mention our lungs and bodies. Some estimates are as high as one million tons per year sprayed over the planet. will give the reader more information. It has been reported that retired weathermen have been gagged so not all has been revealed by any stretch of the imagination. This is only one aspect of man interfering with nature. Bill Gates, one of the world’s biggest enemies has declared he has plans to block out the sun’s rays so as to cool the earth.  

*A total of $28 billion given to two multinational companies to produce batteries and electric cars in Ontario. VW got 13 $ billion and Stellanis another 15 $ billion. When will the madness stop?

* You are what you are judged by the company you surround yourself.  As if we as citizens of this once great country were not burdened enough with Justin Trudeau and all his weaknesses, he has surrounded himself with a plethora of even less competent ministers and aids. One that stands out like a sore thumb, is the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault. Perhaps he is just not very photogenic, but I have never seen a decent picture of this man. He looks as if he does not own a brush or a comb and if his appearance was the only objectional trait, perhaps he could be given a little slack.  However, among other faults, Guilbeault is a registered criminal. He is in favour of registering all news agencies and he is against pipelines.  When last in Alberta a few days ago, Guilbeault refused a meeting with two oil executives.  This man should have been one of the seven ministers to be relocated this week. Preferably out to pasture.  The truth of the matter in my opinion is, we were once a God-fearing country and now we are not. Guilbeault spoke of the tragedy in Quebec and how his THOUGHTS go out to the people who have been affected by the wildfires. While in days gone by the normal comment would be, our PRAYERS go out to the victims of this tragedy. When God is sidelined and forgotten, our country will ultimately suffer. Canada needs to be re-awakened with new leadership and a set of morals that were spelled out by God and followed many years ago in Canada but forgotten as the world has gone further into a Woke and Progressive malaise.

So as my friend when writing to me ends his letters,

“Here endth the lesson.”

Paul D. Scott          

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