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That’s Exciting!


Me being who I am, will explain this short story and how I see interesting things in the most ordinary experiences. How many of us would consider applying for the Canadian Senate? I was well into that project this past week when I was sadly disappointed that I could not apply if I was over 75 years old.  I still might apply just out of curiosity. I was surprised to hear so many friends at our coffee get together wondering why I would even consider such a thing. When I suggested to this circle of well educated and successful seniors that if they considered the present senators sitting in Ottawa, who amongst us are not as qualified and probably more reliable and honest than many in that position and why the ordinary hard working citizen should not have the chance to serve his country as a senator. I know that I wouldn’t stand a chance even if I were under 75, My schooling was pretty short , my profession would be considered not appropriate, (a salesman), even though I excelled at my profession and hired dozens of employees in a career that included sales, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, importing, exporting, travel escort, Innkeeper and landlord.   I probably will not be able to include civil servant and politics on my résumé. 

How exciting it would be to be a senator serving this great country.  Excitement comes in many ways and I met a lovely little girl this week when I decided to save some money and have myself turned into a Guinea Pig. As I don’t have many teeth left in my head, I felt that there must be a better and cheaper way to have the ones I have left, cleaned professionally.

Niagara College has a program for dental hygienists and upon enquiring; I can get my teeth cleaned as well as my dentures and X-rays as well if needed. Parking is free and the price for seniors is only $35.00.  A far cry from the prices charged at your regular dentist.  I was told at the front desk by a very enthusiastic receptionist that it would take a little longer because the student would have to be checked by the teacher and a proper dentist following each procedure. Perhaps two hours per visit instead of about half an hour for the pro. job. Hey, I’m retired and I can spare the time. The appointment was set and I was excited, somewhat,  to get into the inner sanctum of a real school and classroom of about 25 young female students learning to enter the world with a career of cleaning other people’s teeth. My student was a cute, 100 pound, 19 year old that was like a tea pot ready for the afternoon tea, she was hot to get started, very bubbly and ready for a mouth that I found out later was a challenge and a bit unusual.  Her greeting was of a child experiencing a new toy. I was to be that toy. “Are you excited?” She questioned,” ah, sort of I guess,” I answered, ” I am so excited to be doing your case to-day, you are my first person with a partial plate and such an experienced mouth,” or words to that effect. She was genuinely excited, about every new experience she encountered inside the depths of my cranial recess. “Excited” was the word of the day, and I was really excited for her enthusiasm.  I was not so excited two hours later to find out we were only partially into this experience. You will be back for another two hour appointment and if all goes well we get to clean your teeth on the third or perhaps on the fourth appointment.      I get my teeth cleaned on the next appointment and do you know, I’m kind of looking forward to it. Oh, and by the way, for my patience I received a new tooth brush, floss and tooth paste. All for $35.00 CA


Paul D. Scott.


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