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A B V  The Next Virus.

Aug 2nd/22


The next virus as in the title would lead us to believe that we are in for another mysterious plague and that we should prepare for the the next round of so-called vaccines.  The National Post, once a legitimate center of the road conservative newspaper printed that many Canadians are showing premature ageing as a result of getting covid numerous times. The article was headed with this title “Is Covid Ageing our Immune Systems?”  The question that should have been put forth and discussed rationally was, is it covid or the injection called a vaccine causing a death rate of thousands of healthy young and old Canadians and affecting our immune system?

I watched a recent documentary released by the Children’s Health Fund that for 90 minutes showed terrible debilitated young men and woman following the jab. One thing that I found was that so many were experiencing ailments that are prevalent in very old people. All of my hundreds of hours of delving into this whole covid mess and hours of interviews of the top scientists and professionals stating from the get-go that the jab was a set up for disaster. When multiple jabs were injected and that the more spike protein injected into the human body the less resistance the body would have to all kinds of disastrous diseases. In my writings over six months ago, I warned that those in the know were predicting what we are seeing today. 

Many are arguing that, if this thing is so toxic and dangerous to our wellbeing, why is it everyone isn’t falling ill?  If the evil big Pharma and the billionaires were to give it to everyone at the same time, the world would be very quick to close it down. Many doses are a placebo that is harmless but the few in the batches that are killers are the ones that are giving problems. Everyone that offers up his or her body for the jab is playing Russian Roulette with their health and allowing themselves to be Guinea pigs for scientific research. Remember, Sars, Coved, Omicron, Monkey pox are all the reason to justify a vaccine. Pfizer and Moderna each turned a profit in 2021 of more than $20,000.000.00 each, {Billion$} Ivermectin and Oxichloraquin when administered early are both much safer and more effective and are only pennies a dose.  Vitamins C-D-E -Zinc and B12 and even iodine, all are good as well as preventatives. However, it is impossible to buy or import Ivermectin or Oxichloraquin in Canada and many parts of the USA as they are banned by our governments to protect big pharma even though they are both over 40 years old and have been prescribed billions of times with great success and with no adverse affects.  

A B V the next virus is simply this – Anything – But – Vaccines. The media are now trying to justify the huge uptake of mostly neurological and myocarditis problems so many people are experiencing following their second, third and booster jabs. The jab does not even enter the conversation, that is forbidden. It is becoming almost comical if it were not so serious.  Cold showers are forbidden in India because this causes heart failure and Myocarditis, Hot showers are forbidden in Germany but Cold ones are OK to save electricity that is becoming scarce. Many people are having heart attacks when they open their electric and gas bills, having 3 or 4 jabs of who knows what has nothing to do with the complexities of the human body. It is not the vaccine; it must be a new variance.


“Though free to think and act, we are held together like the stars in the firmament with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. We are all one.”  Nicola Tesla

Paul D. Scott

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