My life for whatever reason has been more than complete with world travel and a profound interest in almost everything I come in contact with. I have a loving and forgiving wife of more than 55 years and two handsome and talented sons of whom we are extremely proud.  Their wives are dedicated to the family and our four grandsons are all becoming fine young men that have made us very proud.

So why start a new learning experience at my age? I have been told that after a hard day of 18 holes of golf or a couple of hours playing tennis (I don’t play tennis), or a brisk walk with or without a dog, or preparing a couple of meals, I should then spend the quality time left reading and napping.  Reading and napping are good but I still have definite thoughts about a lot of subject that rear up on a daily basis.  Thoughts that I would like to put my spin on. For this reason, I feel that I still have some idea of how young people to-day can benefit from my life experiences.  Perhaps not my grandsons, for the old adage still holds true, that a man must leave his own land, family and peers to gain recognition.

This site is a place to make my writings available and  offer my books for sale. A number of my paintings are also for sale. Use the contact form if you are interested in more information on any of my paintings.

Paul D. Scott


I  enjoy writing as is evident from the 5 books that I have written. Since writing "Rantings and Raves of a Curious Old Fart" I have been composing short writings or blogs. You may enjoy reading them under the Blog Section of this website.