About Me - Paul D. Scott

Comments, short Stories with observations of world politics from the prospective of a senior Christian husband, father and grandfather. My paintings and books are here along with some personal stories of near-death experiences, world travel and a variety of business ventures.

Please click on to the colored bar above for over 150 stories either political or just blogs, painting and books.  I am a controversial animal and enjoy civilized conversation with like minded or those with opposing views. When I was younger my hobbies were sailing, golfing, singing, wooden boat and old house restoration and travel. Today, I am confined to cooking, writing, reading and a little art work. My wife and I are looking forward to our 65th. Anniversary but have been friends for 75 years. We have two sons and four grandsons, all of which we are immensely proud.  

Your comments are welcome at  -  pds622@yahoo.com    Enjoy  your life and be thankful for all that God has given you, both good and challenging.

Paul D. Scott


I  enjoy writing as is evident from the 5 books that I have written. Since writing "Rantings and Raves of a Curious Old Fart" I have been composing short writings or blogs. You may enjoy reading them under the Blog Section of this website.